TSH v AFC Wandsworth – Football Match

By Support - June 28th, 2021 | Posted in News

On Tuesday the 15th of June, The Skills Hub football team went to south London to play against AFC Wandsworth in a friendly game. This was our first ever game playing together so it was exciting to see how it would go. The journey towards the place was only an hour and the atmosphere on the bus was very lively and it set the mood for the game. Everyone was singing and dancing to the music and it made everyone feel ready for the match. The good thing about this whole thing was that some of the players got to experience what it is like to play in a real football game and it was a great way to show off how far we have come as a team. The only downside to the match was that we were robbed of our win and it ended up being a 1-1 draw however, it happens sometimes in football and we just have to keep our heads up and go again. I enjoyed taking part in this friendly game and being captain of our team and leading our side. I hope to carry on playing more games like these against other teams and schools and try get the win in the many more games to come. As captain, I would like to pay tribute to the whole team but especially AM for scoring the goal and BH for being man of the match and his outstanding performance.

I would like to say thank you to Laura, Hamsa, Jerome, Lorita, Andrew and Paul for all helping and making this whole thing possible – we would not have been able to do it without them. It was an overall great experience for us and the coaches as we haven’t done anything as big as this before. But I want to say a big thank you to Laura because even though she did not come and watch the game she was there from the first day we started talking about making the football team happen. Also a huge thank you to Paul, our Principal, for allowing it to happen and trusting and believing in all of us. Most importantly Andrew, Jerome and Lorita for taking us because without them we would not off even made it to the place and they made the whole day very enjoyable and a lot of fun. Last but not least a big thank you to Hamsa for giving us tactics and making it a lot easier for us before we went and also providing kits for us. Even though he came to the school late in the year he was still there for us and has made a huge impact on our team. Thank you to all the teachers for cheering us on before we left and giving us that last bit of confidence to push us through, and make us put in 110% of effort when we were playing, it meant a lot to us and even the day after they were still saying well done for everything we did.

Written by Y10 student – SP