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Trauma Informed Schools Award

By Fiona Wilkins - February 7th, 2024 | Posted in Article

We are proud to announce that our school has become a Trauma Informed and Mentally Healthy Aware Award.

Paul Chambers, Principal, said, “We are delighted to receive recognition for the work we have done in embedding Trauma Informed Practice at The Skills Hub. As educators, we understand the importance of creating a safe and supportive environment for our students. By becoming a Trauma Informed School, we have taken a proactive approach to understanding and responding to the impact of trauma on our students’ lives.”

A trauma informed school is one that is able to support children and teenagers who suffer with trauma or mental health problems and whose troubled behaviour acts as a barrier to learning.

The report says: “Young people we spoke to individually all spoke about “being noticed” as the most significant difference in attending this setting to their previous schools. They now firmly believe that

they have strengths, capabilities and talents that are nurtured by the team here and this is supporting their recovery and healing.

The report summary highlighted several areas of good practice:

“There are examples of excellent trauma-informed practices in this setting. The Skills Hub takes a holistic approach to the needs of young people. This approach addresses the diverse needs of vulnerable teenagers, recognising the interconnectedness of their physical, emotional, and mental health and starting there to build a programme of educational support.”

“Training for all staff members to understand the impact of trauma on teenagers’ development, behaviour, and well-being is provided. This education helps staff to recognise trauma-related needs, to respond empathetically, and to avoid re-traumatization.”

“The school has worked hard to establish physical and emotional safety where teenagers feel secure and respected. This includes creating physical environments that are calming, predictable, and conducive to healing, as well as fostering a culture of trust and confidentiality. The new school building was cited as being an important change for the school, one that afforded the staff to communicate to students that they believed they deserved the best that they could offer, both in physical and relational resources.”

“There is a continual emphasis on the development of positive, trusting relationships between staff and teenagers. Senior leads encouraging consistent, supportive connections that help create a sense of belonging and attachment, essential for healing from trauma.”

TISUK Award Winning School

Pouname Khaira, Assistant Principal