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The Skills London Event

Last week, year 11 students from the Skills Hub attended The Skills London Event. It was a great chance to find out all the opportunities available to post 16 students after their time at the school. The day was extremely positive and rewarding.

Students had time to have one-to-one conversations and take part in activities offered by a range of experienced opportunity providers. The information and advice they received will help them to validate the decisions that they have already made, and to get fresh ideas or help them make plans for the future.

Staff at the school aim to follow up and contextualise the information and experiences in the context of their personal ideas and plans. Students will be encouraged to take advantage of  any relevant opportunity that presented itself during the event.

Year 11 thoroughly enjoyed their time at The Skills London Event and are well prepared for other events and open days as they are all keen to enhance their own opportunity and progress positively to their next destination.

Nadia, a teacher who attended on the day said “I was overwhelmed with pride seeing our year 11 students conduct themselves so gracefully on the day.”

Thank you, and God bless you for all the work you have done with my son. It feels like I have my son back.


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