Behaviour Interventions

We offer a bespoke 1:1 programme based on our ‘101 Behaviour Strategies’ that supports the challenges the young person faces in managing their own behaviours.

These programmes, have a specific structure which uses the 101 behaviour strategies and go more in-depth into challenging current behaviour and bringing about positive behaviour. We believe very strongly that behaviour is language!

This tells us that there is always a narrative behind the behaviour, good or bad. We endeavor to get to grips with the back story, in doing this we show the young person a compassionate approach.

This programme is a minimum of six weeks, and includes contributions from families, the teachers and the young person themselves.  We show real impact with helping the young person to find ways to make small changes that have a big impact.

In regards to behaviour: the question is not what the behaviour? but why the behaviour?


Anticipated Outcomes:  

  • Each student will have a behaviour strategy set in place
  • Student will have a clearer understanding of the things that hold them back from making progress.
  • The student will gain tools on how they can better manage their feelings and emotions.
  • The student will have a clearer understanding of what the process is leading up to behaviour.
  • The student will have a better understanding of what mental health is, and where they can go to access the right support when met with a crisis.
  • The student will learn the difference in setting goals and creating systems.