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Robotics Workshop

Students are taking part in a 10 week robotics workshop and in the first session had the opportunity, not only to build the robots, but also to code for the programs so they could drive the robotics using controllers.

The robots had to be constructed using a combination of Lego and electronic circuits that had to be built following detailed instructions. Once constructed, the students were able to drive the robots navigating the obstructions on the classroom floor using a handheld remote control. They also had the opportunity to look at the coding that had been used to program the robots on laptops.

The students got to grips with the construction side of the workshop very quickly and also talked about where robots could be put to good use and those professions where robots would not be a good replacement for humans such as customer service or even teaching.

The robotics workshop is the beginning of a ten week programme arranged in partnership with our Safer Schools Officer and the Metropolitan Police. Overall it was a very positive workshop and only Ferne, our Canine Assisted Learning dog, was wary of the robots zipping around her paws by the end of the session.

Thank you, and God bless you for all the work you have done with my son. It feels like I have my son back.

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