Mental Health and Wellbeing

Mental health The Skills Hub recognises the importance of Mental Wealth and Wellbeing as the basis to allow students and staff to fully reach their potential. Every two weeks we, as a staff team, nominate three students to be our Mental Wealth Wellbeing Ambassadors. Which in turn can be reflected in having a compassionate and individualised approach to reach the same goal but through our different curriculum pathways.

We are proud to say that we are an inclusive school, and we celebrate our differences through SMSC activities where students learn about British values, Wellbeing and Cultural Diversity. A termly Mental Wealth bulletin for staff, visitors and parents will be published which will include resources that can be accessed with tips. Furthermore, our Mental Wealth Lead, Skills Coaches, Safeguarding Team and the SENCO have a particular focus on developing positive Mental Wealth.

The key to maintaining positive Mental Wealth is to show commitment we at The Skills Hub have started our journey and we are working towards a ‘Wellbeing Schools Award’.

Mental Health Week2023

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