Jack Petchey Awards 2021

By Support - June 28th, 2021 | Posted in News

This event was held on Monday 14th June at 7pm. Due to Covid-19 restrictions the event was online via a video link. Past student winners were honored at the event with a summary given of the reasons for their nomination.

The Jack Petchey Foundation is a charity which awards winners who are young people who have gone above and beyond to achieve, they range from a personal triumph to someone who has pushed themselves outside of their comfort zone. A young person is nominated by their peers in their school or organisation. As young people nominate each other it is a recognition to celebrate the success of their peers and acknowledge hard work and effort.

Each award winner will receive a certificate, pin badge and a book. They will also choose how to spend a £250 grant to benefit their school or organisation.

“The achievement awards are primarily about recognising those who put in the effort and do their best” Sir Jack Petchey