The Pupil Support Team or PST is a short-term provision for pupils who are medically unfit to be able to attend school. One to one tuition is carried out in the local library or the pupil’s home. PST can also be commissioned, where appropriate.

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Pupil Support Team Charter

PST agrees to:

  • Provide the pupil with one-to-one tuition in a local library, community setting or the home.
  • Contact the family to arrange tuition. The school will then be notified of a start date and timetable. Any changes to the timetable will be shared with the school.
  • Provide up to 5 hours subject specific tutors in Maths, English and Science
  • Provide pupils with access to online ‘blended’ learning outside of their timetabled hours, to enhance their learning.
  • Send attendance to schools on a weekly basis.
  • Provide a written report on the pupil’s progress on a termly basis. ½ termly feedback will be written in the pupil’s exercise books for each subject.
  • Provide written feedback to other professionals to help support a pupils EHCP application, whilst on roll with PST.
  • Attend any professional meetings for pupil, such as TAF/CIN/AR.
  • Lead the half termly progress meeting of pupil, arranged by the school. (See agenda of example discussion points)
  • Arrange a professionals meeting if there are any immediate concerns which need to be addressed. This may take place before or after the Pupil’s half termly progress meeting.

Louise Adams

PST English Teacher


Caroline Jones

PST English Teacher


Sonia Derhaley

PST Maths Teacher


Alex Mirza

PST Science/Maths Teacher