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Civic Centre visit

By Support - February 11th, 2022 | Posted in News

A group of students visited the Civic Centre on the Monday following the visit of the Mayor of Hillingdon to The Skills Hub. When we arrived the students were asking whether we would see the Mayor again.  And guess who was waiting for us in the Mayoral Chamber?  Yes – absolutely The Worshipful the Mayor of Hillingdon Cllr Roy Chamdal was there to meet us.

We know the Mayor made a special effort to see us because “check out his footwear!”  The Mayor had an unfortunate accident at the weekend and took off the top of his right toe.  He did not leave the hospital until 3am but still found the time to meet with us even though he had to wear sliders.

The Mayor also paid special attention to two other students who attended one being Kirsty the other being Marley.  Kirsty wanted to be sure the Worshipful Mayor was clear about her message and Marley wanted career advice from him because he knew Cllr Roy Chamdal is a successful businessman.

It was a very meaningful visit and very useful for both our Citizenship Programme of Study but more importantly the Mayor’s message of making the right choices and having the self-belief to make a success of their lives.