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By Support - July 6th, 2021 | Posted in News

Our first STEM week was held from the 14th June until the 18th June. During this week, we were able to organise two workshops and plenty of classroom activities. Some of these students had never experienced STEM week before so it was a great experience for them. Here at The Skills Hub, physics has not been the main subject in science so it was encouraging to see them engage with the subject in a positive way.

On Monday we had a drone workshop where the students learnt how to code drones in order to fly them. The students really enjoyed it and showed great enthusiasm. They learnt to fly drones vertically, horizontally and even how to perform flips!
On Thursday we had a workshop looking at forces in the real world and students had to work together in teams to answer questions and solve the crime of the rollercoaster! There were some real challenging and thought provoking questions!

During the week, stem activities were held in classes. In mathematics, students played board games such as monopoly to understand about money, as well as learning about statistics and how to interpret data. In ICT, they studied logic gates, crypto currency and future technology.

We also held presentations during the week about space and the world outside Earth.