The Skills Hub provides full-time education for children as an interim arrangement while appropriate substantive placements are being secured or a child is deemed ready to return to their mainstream school (ideally, an interim placement should be expected to last for no more than 12 weeks with a review after 6 weeks; the review, however, may result in an extension to the interim period provided further reviews are necessary).

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Referrals may be made for:

  • Children who have been permanently excluded from mainstream schools
  • Children who are at serious risk of being permanently excluded from mainstream schools
  • Children with a troubled educational history who have recently arrived in Hillingdon Borough and who cannot be placed immediately in a school
  • Children with SEN where a school placement is under review or consultation or where an assessment is required to confirm suitable provision.
  • Children with a medical diagnosis and prognosis in which they are unable to attend school.
  • Children new to the Hillingdon Borough who are without a school place within two weeks. This is an exceptional arrangement with Hillingdon Local Authority.

To read the full admissions procedure, please click on the link above:

Admissions Policy

Admissions Procedure



We have been partners with the Skills Hub for a number of years. We have always been very pleased with the levels of service and support provided to our students. Sometimes a child requires additional support that is not always available in mainstream schools, the Skills Hub is able to provide high levels of therapy and support that gives every child the chance to succeed.

Headteacher, Barnhill Community High School

I would like to tell you that after just 3 weeks at The Skills Hub my son has changed his whole look on life. He suffers a lot with his mental health and anxiety. He has not been happy in education since leaving primary school 2 years ago. His experience at senior school has been a roller coaster of emotions. His anxiety was effecting his attendance as well as his behaviour. I used to have to deal with major melt downs and very severe behaviours. His whole life has turned full circle and I have got my boy back. This is all thanks to your school and fantastic staff.

Parent of Year 8 students

The support offered to the students on commissioned places has mostly been a success. The close links on the reintegration process back to RHS has been a real, positive aspect of this link. And there have been two real success stories of students who were on commissioned places at the TSH - lower down the school, in Year 7 and Year 8, who are now currently in Year 10 Year 11 and are doing very well.

Senior Leader, Ruislip High School