Ethos and Values

Excellence through compassion

Mission statement: The Skills Hub aims to be a safe, compassionate and inclusive learning community that recognises the uniqueness of its learners and celebrates their success. We are dedicated to helping our young people develop the knowledge and skills that reflects the best of their abilities, that will enable them to sustain healthy relationships, become gainfully employed and lead enriched lives.

TSH Values 2022

Within our community that recognises and celebrates the achievements of students and staff we are committed to:

  • working with our students to build confidence in their abilities to succeed
  • teaching our students to keep themselves healthy and safe
  • providing quality education that meets individual needs
  • helping our students, learn to understand and regulate themselves
  • providing help for parents and carers to support and nurture their children
  • empower our students to courageously take their next steps
  • work collaboratively with schools across our borough where students are experiencing behavioural, emotional or social difficulties.
  • Excellence – of outstanding quality or extremely good
  • Resilience – the ability to recover from or adjust to difficulties or change
  • Compassion – the feeling that arises when you are confronted with another’s challenges and feel motivated to provide support
  • Growth – the ability to thrive on challenge and failure as a springboard to growth and development of abilities
  • Inclusion – the practice of providing equal access to opportunities and resources regardless of background or disability
  • Recognition – the appreciation and validation of an achievement, service or ability